the-farm-1233703-1280x960Go in the Fuel of Faith.

If you’ve finished eating?
Take thought to this saying – Bread is made for laughter, and wine gladdens life, and money answers everything(Ecclesiastes 10:19)

To some this might seem like the stirrings of a financial partnership campaign or donation request. The reality is, in God’s eyes everything (everyone) has value. What are you expending for Him?All of creation has a purpose, defined, and a cost associated with living in this (any) single moment of time. Forgetting the trial of yesterday, what is your choice today? Will you go in the choice of faith (life) or wither in the thorns (entanglements) of death. A statement of fact comes to mind – Everything has a price!

This especially applies to living and growing, developing, the best characteristics of faith believers. Everyone has to go through phases of growth, but depending on your time not everything that springs up (your thoughts) is destined to live.
There are many reasons why, but let’s apply this to the fuel necessary for reaching the promise land of tomorrow.
You believe God provides education and instruction for you to accomplish His purpose, your purpose, while here. He’s set a time. He created a place. You know the sower sows the word…
But do you know, as much as the Sower sows the Word, The Sower knows what seeds He’s planted where. He Knows!

It’s not chance or happenstance. It’s opportunity. He provides you with all that’s needed. Food (nourishment) Drink (libation) Finances (the means to go). Even as you’re seemingly trapped in an endless brier with little hope of getting out – He told you. I will never leave you or forsake you.

If you believe Him, Trust Him! Better still, take what’s in front of you – food on the table, a stable home… eat and rejoice!
Others may look back across the way thinking of leeks and onions, but you have an opportunity. You can commune, eat, fellowship with the True and Abiding One who’s there watching you, watching His word to perform it – YOU.  You have an opportunity to remember. I will NEVER leave you nor forsake you. Can you accept His promise is true?

The Table is prepared;