Connecting The Body

feed-the-student-2-1469087-640x480One Family, One Faith, One Power-packed Word.

The CN Life Foundation, the Ministry and Initiative, along with our partners are here with a singular focus with one purpose –  creating and directing resources.

Together We Can Do More

With you and our financial partners the emphasis is building an providing lasting resources, to provide practical answers to people hungering for more than spiritual nourishment – to people looking to know the entirety of the love of God. Both learning (from) and empowering a network of individuals to share the Good News individual by individual, we offer our image of the nature of God and His Word’s relevance to man.

Our goal is to reveal, God’s character, individual by individual – to effect the change needed in the world. Our foundational belief is influence can spread from the top but change begins with the people, the individual.
In a world becoming increasingly dissonant and plagued with indifference or apathy, we can be the voice of the people. For change or simply providing a forum to inspire shared faith (within the people) – to fuel growth.

Our partners and we, are dedicated to pursuing strategic development, defined reclamation, and building both support and connections for individuals whose desire is to become the change we preach and believe in.

Stop by for prayer and fellowship – join with us a Community of Believers and let the word provide you with fuel to go on in God’s way.