the-farm-1233703-1280x960Living, Active, Quick and Powerful

Many cry out with hope. Few, however, understand and realize there is a present answer.
God conveyed to Moses “I AM WHO I AM.” And he said, “Say this to the people of Israel, ‘I AM has sent me to you.'”. (Exodus 3:14 ESV)
We see it present there and in the Psalm, the voice goes out. The word is spoken. Now is the time to hear

The collective entities of the CN Life Mission are here to provide the right word for the right moment, seize the ability to sow the seed to an incredible harvest. The only question is, who has the power, the desire, and believes? This can include you, a single individual, or singularity of collective hopes. CN Life as a ministry is built on believing God – trusting his word above the appearance of circumstance. Expressed in a Psalm -(107:20) He sent His word and healed them… It’s done! His Word works!

You and I, as believers, have a mission directive. Go! Believe! Be Fruitful and Multiply. Fill the Earth and subdue it (all threats) – Hittites, Amorites, Jebusites.
As a matter of faith, we see and understand, Christ is God’s Word made flesh. We are members of His body, awaiting His return. We’re here to do what God said and sent His word to do! Healing, Miracles, Signs and wonders – these signs will accompany those who believe. Mark 16:17

We believe and therein put our faith towards fulfilling this purpose, our calling, not simply spiritually but in practical ways, as He instructs. Sowing God’s righteousness, the fruit of His Spirit, in man as He’s given for each individually. He sent His Word, His Son. He sends His word – His Church (His Bride; That Virtuous woman. He’s looking, today,  to send you. Where He says go, when He says Go – It’s Go time!
Are you ready to move?

Are you ready, or so inclined, to partner with us in sending The Word further throughout the world? Believing as you eat and are nourished, you can provide food to richly nourish others? We welcome you to join us.
Join us in Believing God’s Word!
Speaking His Word!
Accepting the Word of God as the final authority!

We’re here, eating a meal so richly provided, it must be shared with a dying world. Are you willing, there’s still room at the table?